Rapidly changing B2B landscape is seeing well informed and more demanding b2b buyers. The Demand is for faster order fulfillment, timely access to product information, and buying convenience. Vendplex a B2B e-commerce platform help businesses to meet this constant challenge of change.

B2B e-Commerce

e-Commerce in B2B segment not only promises profitability through increased sales and revenue but also helps you reduce operating costs and streamline your business processes. It opens up new market frontiers for your products & services.

Efficient Management

Manual bottlenecks, delays in payment & order processing, errors in billing and sales quotes are common woes faced by businesses. Vendplex effectively addresses these concerns and help your business improve efficiency and accuracy.


We know that your ERP contains your essential business logic; Vendplex integrates your ERP solution with online Web to provide integrated business management system. It creates a system that allows you to do twice as many transactions in the same amount of time.


As smartphone usage is on rising, your customers will also expect their business transactions getting done on mobile device. Vendplex mCommerce solution keeps your customers & business managers connected almost anywhere & anytime.



Customer centric business interface, streamlined business processes & unified business management for your employees are some of the capabilities that Vendplex will add value to your existing business management system. Features will help you fast track the quote to cash process with flexibility and wide customization scope.

Order Management solution vendplex

Order Management

Give your customers experience of ease of order placement and enable your admin staff for quick, easy and accurate order processing & fulfillment. Vendplex effectively manages order cycle elements from quote to delivery.
Inventory Management solution vendplex

Inventory Management

It is one area where inefficient management can cost your business dearly. Vendplex facilitates multi location warehouse management; location based stock alerts and end to end automation of your inventory management process.
Quick & Bulk Order solution Vendplex

Catalog Management

Creates two front system, where your customers are given enhanced B2C like experience in product browsing and admin staff is provided with features to manage categories, pricing, and configurable products.
Group & Tier Pricing automation Vendplex

Group & Tier Pricing

B2B segment requires flexibility to deal with customer specific pricing and volume based pricing scenarios. Vendplex understand this need and enables you to deal with custom pricing variation in easiest way.
Real Time Sales Analytics vendplex

Real Time Sales Communication

To reduce turnaround time and improve customer relationship your sales team ought to be updated on real time stock levels, pricing structure and credit approvals. Vendplex gives them quick and real time business info for early closure.
Backend integration vendplex

Admin Access

For better customer management, a streamlined business process is absolute must. We create a easy to use backend system that enables your staff to efficiently handle business operations with minimal errors and maximum speed.



Give your sales team a competitive edge over your competitors by swift approvals, real-time stock info, and mobile based ordering.

Ease of Doing Business

Customer convenience in ordering and tracking. Quick updates, event based alerts.

Agile Sales Force

Makes your sales team better equipped for quick response to channel partner demands & feedback. .

Seamless Processes

Integrated with approval workflows for quick authorizations in decission making.


Devloped on iOS and Andriod platform for wide compatibility.
vendplex B2B Ecommerce Mobility  Solution
Vendplex B2B Ecommerce Solution provider



Vendplex totally changes the way you go to market and approach your customers. It sharpens your competitive edge and helps realize your business goals in terms of sales & revenue growth.

Business Growth

With eCommerce take your business to untapped markets, Increase daily total orders and order size.

Customer Satisfaction

Give you customer ease of doing business in transparent and efficient way.

Employee Productivity

Automation eliminate unnecessary manual intervention allowing employees to focus on core sales and business activities.

Competitive Edge

Streamlined process and handy real-time access to information improves competitive quotient.

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